Hey Twitter friends, it's me, Joe Speiser

I'm going to share with you how to launch (or buy), your startup, build it, scale it, and growth hack it, until you stack some serious MRR. 📈

Why should you listen to me?

My 💪 is:

  • Invested $12m+ in the last 12 months into early stage SaaS startups. 💰
  • Purchased and flipped a SaaS in 18 months for 10x ROI and 7 figures 📈
  • Taken an ad-tech company to $200m in revenue (and $16m/yr profit), 💰
  • Taken an e-commerce company to $75m in revenue 💰
  • Taken a digital media company to $70m in revenue 💰
  • Purchased and flipped a SaaS in <4 months for 2x ROI 📈
  • Co-Founded Hampton, a private Founder community with Sam Parr.

I'll be sharing my trials and errors, wins and losses with you.

BONUS: I'll share my database of 350 VCs (with contact info!)

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